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Q: Why do you only accept "as" and "than" similes and not "like" similes?
A: Primarily it is a matter of searchability. The bank is of little use if you cannot find the similes you want. The keyword database is the primary way of searching, and "like" similes generally don't have an obvious keyword. For example, "like the Rock of Gibraltar" is a common simile which everyone understands, but how would you search for it or classify it?

Fortunately, most "like" similes can be converted into "as" or "than" similes. For example: "sturdy as the Rock of Gibraltar". Now the concept of sturdiness, which was implicit in the "like" form, is made explicit and we can use this keyword to search for this simile.

Q: Is the bank curated or is it a free-for-all like some user-contributed sites?
A: The bank President comes by once or twice a week and deals with the comments and the flags, removes spam, and does other chores to help keep the bank tidy. Unlike Wall Street bankers, the Simile Bank President isn't making money off of his bank (unless the visitors click on the advertisements), but he intends to try to keep the place useful and functional.