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The total number of similes in the bank is: 81

The most common keywords are:

Similes are classified by keywords. Briefly, the keyword is usually an adjective that appears in the first part of the phrase. For example, in "happy as a clam," "happy" is the keyword. For more info on classification, click here. down arrow

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There are three ways to find a simile in the bank:

2. Click on a topic below and get a list of keywords from that category. Note that some keywords are hard to categorize, and many fall into the "miscellaneous" bin, making this method of finding a simile a little tricky.

Attractiveness Personality traits
Desires/needs Physical properties
Emotions Sanity
Intelligence Thermal
Miscellaneous Velocity

1. Begin typing a keyword here: If the keyword exists in the bank, it will show up in the list and you can select it and click "Go" to find similes using that keyword.


3. Click here for an exhaustive alpha­betized list of keywords that have made it into the bank so far. Might take a moment to load.